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Welcome to an introduction to

The Voice RoundTable


For information about the Voice Roundtable counseling groups you may have seen on CNN or read about in the Washington Post or other publications -- counseling groups for men or women, on relationship issues and other issues -- please contact John N. Craig, MSW, at:  john.craig@aya.yale.edu.  Thank you.


A Voice RoundTable is a new way of conducting any kind of group meeting or group discussion.  Quick to set up and easy to conduct, it takes the best features of:

  Telephone conference calls, and
  Internet message boards

and rolls them into a single group-communications tool of great power and flexibility.  Yet the only technology you need to conduct a "grass-roots" version of a Voice RoundTable is a special kind voice mailbox—one that you can easily rent

  In minutes
  From any voicemail company listed in your local yellow pages
  For just a few cents a day

You use this special voice mailbox—called a “stand-alone” voice mailbox—as a forum for a group dialogue.  By using this single voice mailbox as a "voice bulletin board" for your group, and by organizing the discussion into scheduled rounds of interaction, you can create a highly effective group dialogue―one accessible from any traditional or cellular phone.  A free set of Quick-Start Instructions, available on this web site, tells you how.

Voice Roundtables can also be conducted on a more sophisticated level through advanced voice systems.  Please contact me for information.

History and uses

I developed the concepts for Voice RoundTables with the help of research faculty at:

  New York University
  Columbia University
  The University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

Although I created Voice RoundTables for the specific purpose of conducting medical support groups―and they serve this purpose very well―they can also be used for virtually any kind of group discussion:

  a community meeting   a sports rap
  a class or seminar   a church group
  a business meeting   a family reunion

Voice RoundTables have many advantages over other ways of conducting electronic group discussions. For example:

  Universal accessibility:  Voice RoundTables are telephone-accessed.  No PCs are ever involved.  So even your group members who are not online can participate:  anyone with access to a telephone can get involved.

  Cell-phone mobility:  You can’t access an email discussion while roaming around with a cell phone.  But if you are involved in a Voice RoundTable—and you also have a cell phone—you can tap into the group dialogue from anywhere you go.

  The emotional expressiveness of the human voice:  Voice RoundTables deliver the full sound and intonation of the human voice.  This important emotional expressiveness is lost in email discussions.

"VRTs" have many other advantages as well.  (See:  Advantages Over Conference Calls and Group Email.)

A major new trend

The significance of Voice RoundTables becomes clear when you consider that today, online, there are at least four ways of conducting a group discussion:

  Group instant-messaging:  private discussions
  Chat rooms:  (usually) public discussions
  Group email, conducted in rounds:  private discussions
  Internet message boards:  (usually) public discussions

But until now there has only been one way of conducting a group discussion over the telephone:  the telephone conference call.  Why?

Voice RoundTables provide an alternative—a new way of creating a group dialogue over the telephone.

It will become clear as you learn more about VRTs that they are not a gimmick, not a passing phenomenon.  Rather, they are part of a new wave of voice-communication tools about to sweep quickly— and permanently—into widespread use.

From "guerrilla communications" to grass-roots organizing

For-profit enterprises can use Voice RoundTables as a powerful new tool for “guerrilla communications.”  Non-profits can use them as a dynamic new approach to grass-roots organizing.  No matter who you are, Voice RoundTables can make the group meetings you are involved with less stressful―and more successful.

Free Quick-Start Instructions―downloadable now

This site provides you with a free set of Quick-Start Instructions that tells you how you can set up and begin conducting a Voice RoundTable today—for any group you're involved with—in less than an hour.

Click here to find out How Voice RoundTables work.

Patents Pending: 
Patent Pending:  10/794,551
Preliminary Patent Pending:  19704 PTO 60/494129