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Welcome to an introduction to

The Voice RoundTable

[Patent Pending: 19704 PTO 60/494129]

A Voice RoundTable is a new way of conducting any kind of group meeting or group discussion.  Quick to set up and easy to conduct, it takes the best features of:

  Telephone conference calls, and
  Internet message boards

and rolls them into a single group-communications tool of great power and flexibility.  Yet the only technology you need to conduct a Voice RoundTable is a special kind voice mailbox—one that you can easily rent

  In minutes
  From any voicemail company listed in your local yellow pages
  For just a few cents a day

You use this special voice mailbox—called a “stand-alone” voice mailbox—as a forum for a group dialogue.  By using this single voice mailbox as a "voice bulletin board" for your group, and by organizing the discussion into scheduled rounds of interaction, you can create a highly effective group dialogue―one accessible from any traditional or cellular phone.  A free set of Quick-Start Instructions, available on this web site, tells you how.

History and uses

I developed the concepts for Voice RoundTables with the help of research faculty at:

  New York University
  Columbia University
  The University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

Although I created Voice RoundTables for the specific purpose of conducting medical support groups―and they serve this purpose very well―they can also be used for virtually any kind of group discussion:

  a community meeting   a sports rap
  a class or seminar   a church group
  a business meeting   a family reunion

Voice RoundTables have many advantages over other ways of conducting electronic group discussions. For example:

  Universal accessibility:  Voice RoundTables are telephone-accessed.  No PCs are ever involved.  So even your group members who are not online can participate:  anyone with access to a telephone can get involved.

  Cell-phone mobility:  You can’t access an email discussion while roaming around with a cell phone.  But if you are involved in a Voice RoundTable—and you also have a cell phone—you can tap into the group dialogue from anywhere you go.

  The emotional expressiveness of the human voice:  Voice RoundTables deliver the full sound and intonation of the human voice.  This important emotional expressiveness is lost in email discussions.

"VRTs" have many other advantages as well.  (See:  Advantages Over Conference Calls and Group Email.)

A major new trend

The significance of Voice RoundTables becomes clear when you consider that today, online, there are at least four ways of conducting a group discussion:

  Group instant-messaging:  private discussions
  Chat rooms:  (usually) public discussions
  Group email, conducted in rounds:  private discussions
  Internet message boards:  (usually) public discussions

But until now there has only been one way of conducting a group discussion over the telephone:  the telephone conference call.  Why?

Voice RoundTables provide an alternative—a new way of creating a group dialogue over the telephone.

It will become clear as you learn more about VRTs that they are not a gimmick, not a passing phenomenon.  Rather, they are part of a new wave of voice-communication tools about to sweep quickly— and permanently—into widespread use.

From "guerrilla communications" to grass-roots organizing

For-profit enterprises can use Voice RoundTables as a powerful new tool for “guerrilla communications.”  Non-profits can use them as a dynamic new approach to grass-roots organizing.  No matter who you are, Voice RoundTables can make the group meetings you are involved with less stressful―and more successful.

Free Quick-Start Instructions―downloadable now

This site provides you with a free set of Quick-Start Instructions that tells you how you can set up and begin conducting a Voice RoundTable today—for any group you're involved with—in less than an hour.

Click here to find out How Voice RoundTables work.

[Patent Pending:  19704 PTO 60/494129]